Dramaturgy and Director Danette Boucher

​First Reading:  

​Arts Wells, Aug 4, Time TBA

Public Performance of Staged Reading 

​August 17, 18 & 19

The excruciating pain of watching my best friend slowly die and the exquisite joy and truths we experienced together during that time.

The story of the last year of my mother’s life: I rushed home from living in Ireland upon being told my mother had two weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  My life on hold, I became her main care giver for that last year of her life.

Discovering faith, humour, forgiveness, music, joy, and great unending love survive even in the most gut wrenching, terrifyingly darkest moment of our lives.

PS. Do not underestimate the healing power of eating apple pie for breakfast... in bed... with your entire family.  But don’t worry - if the bed breaks, small potatoes to cancer!

Shawna has been a performing artist for more than 40 years, working as an actor throughout BC, including live theatre, musical theatre, film and television.  Acting and singing brings her great joy, with her love of music coming from her mother, Louise.  Both mezzo sopranos, they shared music often, even in the middle of the night, playing the pianos and singing with each other.

Historical interpretation is a great love of Shawna’s; she first worked in Barkerville nineteen years ago, and finally made it back sixteen years later, to stay and make the Cariboo her home.

Shawna is honoured to be part of locally produced projects with so many brilliant artists, such as The Sunset Cabaret and The Doctor’s Case movie, as well as upcoming theatre and film projects.  She is thrilled to have this opportunity, and the encouragement, to write & share the story of her mother’s last year

Love, aka Johnny Canuck’s Conversational Coital, is to explore the myriad ways in which incidents of grief and/or violent sexual abuse experienced as a child can impact an adult who has repressed the memories, and to do so by focusing on an accession of intimate relationships through poetic remembrance, each relationship exploring the impact of trauma and therefore representing a layer of repression. Being set in both the present and in the Cariboo Goldfields of the nineteenth century, Anatomy of Love plays with psychological layers of repressive armour by presenting them as the numerous layers of 1860’s historic Victorian dress and through an ever-present analogy to deep shaft placer mining. Ultimately, Anatomy of Love is a play about love, loss, grief, hope, and the healing essence of intimacy.

Brendan wishes to add a voice to all those brave enough to speak out against sexual violence, to be an ally to all the women who have experienced or continue to experience this form of violence, but to also acknowledge that this psychologically destructive aggression is not entirely exclusive to one gender. Sexual violence impacts approximately 75% of North American youth (60% female, 15% male) annually.

Self Directed Playwriting Retreat

This one-woman show was written once the shock had dissipated from my diagnosis of and treatment for breast cancer. Sometimes humorous, often thoughtful and quizzical, this roller coaster ride of emotion is an honest portrayal of being at the mercy of modern medicine, saved by the care of other practitioners and buoyed up by loved ones. An experience none of us want, far too many do, and which I believe could be greatly improved upon given a fresh perspective.

Credentials? Being brought up on The Complete Works of Shakespeare instead of a bible. A grandmother who took me to RSC productions in Stratford-upon-Avon from a very early age. Parents who figured a trip to the theatre was better than a birthday party with cake and ice-cream (I got over it). Training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique which I have used to help many a performer and now I feel it’s time to practice what I preach.

​​First Reading: Dec 2017 Sunset Theatre

Second Reading:  ​June 24, 2018 Sunset Theatre with James Douglas and Danette Boucher, & Julia Mackey

Dramaturgy and Director Danette Boucher

Yvonne Dixon: Mahlpaka7

Emma Jarrett: Breastless​

Dramaturgy and Director Dirk Van Stralen


First Reading: April 24, 2018 Sunset Theatre

Second Reading:  Aug 5th, 2018

​Arts Wells, Time TBA

Nicolle Nattrass:

Good Housekeeping

Malhpaka7/Yvonne Dixon. I am Nlakapamux, a retired Early Childhood Educator, a Infant/Toddler Educator, Office Administrator, Selective logger and I also worked in the catering industry.

My parents are Myrtle (maiden name Spinks) 1928-1999 and Peter Dixon (1927- 1977). My mother’s blood line is Nlakapamux and my father blood line is Nlakapamux/Chinese. My mother’s formal education was at St. Georges Residential school in Lytton BC. My father had no formal education, from the age of eleven he was on his own. So his education was a collection of English, Nlakapamux, Chinese, Secwepemc (Kamloops), Tsilhqotin (Williams Lake), Russian. Dad filled our world with exploration of different cultural foods, music, dances, games, stories and life skill lessons. My dad was a carpenter by trade and a Nlakapamux shaman (Nlakapamux medicine man). Before I was born dad gave me the spirit of a eagle. I was born in 1956 in Abbotsford BC, raised on Siska Flats from the age of six. Siska Flats is 11 km south of Lytton B.C. I  am one of ten children, with a majority been girls I was designated forth son, running alongside my older brother Pete and younger brother Art . As children of a large family in this time period we all had our chores and duties to carry out in order to keep our household running smoothly and to help with our financial needs. My chores were mainly outdoors: fishing, hunting, planting the garden, collecting fire wood, maintained the water line. As a young child I along with a few family members went to the USA to pick berries, fruits and veggies to support our families  financial needs. Locally within the Nlakapamux territory we supplied extended family members with food security needs. My indoor chores were dishes and general cleaning.

Elders: Mildred Michell, Hilda Austin, Susanne Swartz, Peter Quinn, Peter Dixon Sr. Beatrice Marie Anderson, Mandy Na’zinek Jimmie, Ernie and Pauline Michell, Jennifer Brown and my dearest friend Veronica Micelli.

Brendan Bailey: Anatomy of Love

Dramaturgy Nicolle Nattrass

Shawna Eileen Berry:

A Song for my Mother​

Beatrice enters a contest in “Good House-keeping Magazine” and wins a weekend spa retreat for mothers and daughters. An unexpected guest arrives and starts a roller coaster of a weekend for mother and daughter. The journey is both comedic and poignant as Beatrice and Jeanine attempt to spend some much needed quality time together.