The intent behind each of our Exploration Series projects is to see your play premiere at  the Sunset Theatre and then go on to have a life of its own - inspiring, informing, and entertaining audiences for years to come. Although we recognize that this  goal is perhaps unrealistic on a practical level, our hope is that your project will live on long past the Sunset Theatre. Each project’s path and trajectory is unique and customized to the artist or artists involved. The stage at which your project enters the Exploration Series is mutually determined.  

What Do I Need to Apply?
All you need is an idea, concept, or draft at any stage of the development. Time frame, number of artists, dramaturge, director are all part of the initial discussion.

Do I Get Paid? Who Covers Costs?
Different levels of rates are paid to artists depending on the stage of development. This ranges from honorariums to help cover living costs to travel and artist fees. Although not a PACT theatre, rates are based on CAEA and PGC agreements, and endeavour to adhere to Best Practices for professional theatre in Canada.  Fees are negotiated on a per project basis, based on  technical and creative needs.

The Sunset Theatre is funded through various sources including Arts Councils, local and provincial governments, sponsorships, and fundraising earned revenue.  Although projects are accepted on a year-round basis, the funds need to be in place prior to commencement and will be included in various funding applications. You will be required to provide outlines, script samples, artist statements, and bios.

Where Do I Stay While I’m In Wells?
Artists coming for the Exploration Series or Retreats are typically housed next door to the theatre, lovingly referred to as ‘The Good Eats’, or in an alternate space at the theatre’s discretion. Artists wanting to make their own arrangements will be responsible for any financial obligations.  

How Is A Retreat Different from the Exploration Series?
Retreats happen year round on an Ad-hoc basis and are similar to a rental or use of space.  Typically artists coming on retreats have their own sources of funding in place and need a place to create, but not necessarily a theatre, i.e. a cabin.

What Does The Theatre Provide?
This is determined on a per project basis but the Sunset typically provides: use of space, technical support, stage manager, director, and dramaturgical support. All TBD.

Who Can Come With Me?
This is determined on a project basis. Your creative team is important to us, however any and all personnel must be pre-approved before you arrive.  Additional people will not be compensated above and beyond what has been agreed to for any given stage.

Who Owns The Rights to My Play?
You do. The Sunset Theatre is not interested in taking ownership of your play. However we do ask to be acknowledged consistently wherever appropriate with the following: This play in part or in whole was developed through the Exploration Series at the Sunset Theatre, Wells BC.

Who Takes Care of Publicity and Social Media?
The Sunset Theatre will lead any and all publicity, marketing, and social media posts.  You will be asked to provide content, and we would love you to share far and wide. The Sunset has final approval on any and all content, photos, and descriptions. We will work with you to come up with a mutually exciting approach.

Will I have To Sign A Contract?
We will  issue a Letters of Understanding outlining the agreements.  

What Is The Presentation Series?
If you already have a full production in mind or want to premiere a play, our Presentation Series might be a fit for you.  This is a done though Box Office splits, rental or co-presenter agreements, or a combination. ​​

Please email us for more info or to set up a discussion about your project.

​Download this document here. 

Thank you to the BC Arts Council for their generous support of the Exploration Series at the Sunset Theatre.  It is greatly appreciated and has helped us move forward as a company and community member as well.  Standing Ovation!

Exploration Series

The Sunset Theatre is the crucible for theatre artists to create new works. The Exploration Series, launched in 2006 at the Sunset Theatre, supports the creation and development of new plays in the varying phases of the creative cycle from inception to full production. The format for each of the Exploration Series projects is as unique as each artist, at the varying stages of development. Sometimes it’s a retreat for writing, and sometimes it’s development, geared towards production.  

The Sunset Theatre’s support of new Canadian plays has been at the core of the company’s mandate from its inception - whether engaging a dramaturge, workshopping a script, scrapbooking initial ideas and concepts, or wanting to hear your play read in front of an audience for the first time.  We look forward to you joining us in establishing the Sunset Theatre as a centre for excellence.

A Glimpse Back
**THE DOUGLAS PROJECT by Danette Boucher
A SONG FOR MY MOTHER by Shawna Eileen Berry
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING by Nicolle Nattress
*BREASTLESS by Emma Jarrett

by Kym Gouchie with Michelle Thrush
ANATOMY OF LOVE by Brendan Bailey


by Kym Gouchie with Michelle Thrush

by Marcel Gagnon
KOHKUM & ME by Zach Running Coyote
*THE DOUGLAS PROJECT by Danette Boucher
*INTO THE ROOTS by Nicolle Nattress

ALWAYS by Michaela Jeffery
GOING WEST by Michaela Jeffery
*KYM GOUCHIE - Artist Retreat
*******WHISPERS TO 17 by Morag Northey

HIGHWAY OF FEARS  by Betsy Trumpner​​​​​​​
*****WHISPERS by Morag Northey
THE ONLY GOOD BOY by Chelsea Woolley
FETCH by Elena Belyea

HARDSCRABBLE ROAD by Michaela Jeffery 
**GODHEAD by Michaela Jeffery
*GODHEAD by Michaela Jeffery
LIGHT BOXES by Michaela Jeffery
BITS by Patrick Kearns

****WHISPERS by Morag NOrthey
***CELLO POETRY & SONG by Morag Northey
CARA LESLIE - Artist Retreat

by Onalea Gilbertson & David Rhymer
**RUN THE WIND – Morag Northey
KINGS COURT - Artist Retreat
THE FRED WELLS SHOW by Danette Boucher

JAKE'S GIFT - by Julia Mackey 
THE BOX IN SPACE by Mark Dawson
BOY BLUE - by Michaela Jeffery
PIECES OF MONET by Michaela Jeffery

‘* ** *** Depicts projects still in development and the number of years involved.