Amy Lee Newman

Amy Lee Newman is a performer and writer who has been telling the stories of British
Columbia’s Cariboo gold rush for decades. As a producer, artistic director, actor, writer, costume designer and performer for the Bonepicker Film Series, Amy has developed a deep understanding of the people and the culture of the time. Her stage work itself is remarkable in its authenticity. 

Written and performed by Amy Lee Newman, My Life in the Gold Rush turns back time to the 1860s, as we take a tour of the Cariboo Gold Rush and Barkerville, as seen through the eyes of real-life women and men who came searching for gold and experienced this tumultuous period of BC’s history.
We’ll meet a few of Barkerville’s most interesting citizens: Catherine Parker, an Irish boarding house keeper; Elisabeth Haub, an indentured dance hall girl from Germany; Joseph Halpenny, an Overlander on the trail to gold in Cariboo; and Sarah Greer, an American with a prison sentence for running a brothel. 150 years ago, women’s stories were rarely heard; now Amy will bring their long-silenced voices to life. With story and song, through tales of privation, perseverance, hope and humour, “My Life in the Gold Rush” traces the pioneer spirit that reached throughout Western North America and helped create the culture we
live in today.

My Life in the Gold Rush