Amelia Northey-Taylor & Aidan Wright in Hardscrabble Road by Michaela Jeffery
Devon McKinnon as Hamlet, Directed by Karen Planden 2015

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Andrew Hamilton, in Godhead written by Michaela Jeffery,Directed by Tim Sutherland, 2015
Micaele Johnson in Forget Me Not 2010

2006 Inaugural Season

Carole Pope and Rae Spoon, ArtsWells 2016

Amelia Northey-Taylor and Aidan Wright in Hardscrabble Road by Michaela Jeffery, 2016

Zaryevka Ballet Presents:
"The Fish & The Bird: A Fantastic Fable"
May 12 Doors at 8 pm 

ZarYevka Ballet presents another colourful narrated story-ballet! Packed with gorgeous costumes, crazy characters, puppets and more, this 45 minute dive into the magical Tulgy woods will delight kids and grownups alike.

In the Tulgy Wood, birds live in the trees while the fish stay in the stream. Things have always been this way and no one questions the arrangement....until the flood. Now everyone has been forced inland and altogether for the very first time. Co-existing proves challenging, and to make matters worse The Ill Wind that Brings No Good has arrived to spread fear and finger-pointing. However, as circumstances force Fish and Bird to work together, each begins to wonder: Is it possible our differences might turn out to be our greatest strength?
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 Tickets 10$ at the door only