Retreats & Residencies

Retreats can come with the use of the theatre or not. The length of stay can vary from a few days to as long as possible. Accommodations are located in the Good Eats which is the blue building next to the theatre, which has a large one bedroom apartment, a large bachelor and a small bachelor with a shared bathroom.  All units are self-contained.

Artist residencies are open to all artists and all disciplines and are based on availability. Submissions are taken on an 
on-going basis and available year-round. The residency can include the use of the theatre in full or part depending on the needs of the artist. 

You can also apply to our Exploration Series

Theatre Rentals are available year round and come with a varying degree of services depending on your needs.  The theatre is fully equipped.  Please see Tech Specs for more information.

Day: $175.00 + GST
Week: $750.00 + GST
Month: $2500.00 + GST

Box Office Splits are available for solo performers or small groups who would like to limit the risk of mounting a production. Each Split is determined on an individual basis but the following basic principles can be expected:

50/50 Split Gross
60/40 Split Gross in favour of Artist
65/35 Split Gross in favour of Artist
70/30 Split Gross in Favour of Artist

If you are a community group or an individual in Wells and would like to use the theatre for an event or fundraiser, please contact us directly about rental rates and creative ways we can help make your event a success. 

The 2100 square feet theatre has a 16' ceiling, 100 seats and is fully equipped with a projector, ETC SmartPac dimmers, a smart fade lighting board 24x2 preset, two dressing rooms with washrooms, green room, laundry, concession/box office and gallery space. It even boasts a resource library of over 1000 plays and sound effects, costumes, props and furniture are also available.

Day, weekly and monthly rates are available. Single accommodation rates start as low as $25 per day. 

More information on accommodations is available