The Sunset Cabaret is a long-standing tradition at the Sunset Theatre, inspired by the coffee houses of the 1960s and the popular Theatrical Happenings of the 1970s.  IMA used to host periodical Coffee Houses, inviting anyone and everyone to participate in an evening of sharing creative stories, songs, poetry, dance, film, whatever was your fancy.  Since re-opening its doors in 2006, there have been 44 Sunset Cabarets, hosting 100s of artists from Wells, Barkerville or just driving through town. Intended to be a fundraiser for the Sunset Theatre, the Cabarets have become a tradition over the years.  

The Sunset Cabarets were hosted by our beloved Tim Sutherland who gathered the group together to create a raucous and memorable evening. The baton has been passed to Stu Cawood and James Douglas who give of their time to carry on this tradition, bringing together the community in laughter and song. 

All ages are welcome, however extreme, over-the-top, risque content is typical.  Course language and adult themes are often featured. 

Tickets are $15 at the door or in advance via PayPal on the ticket page.  

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Square Visa or MC can be used at the Door. Sorry, no Debit.