Technical Specs
Stage Area

  • Raised Proscenium Thrust, painted flat black Masonite deck wood sprung floor
  • Upstage blacks (manual travelers) in front of screen
  • Playable stage area 14’ deep X 20’ wide, Stage Deck to Proscenium is 12’. House Floor to ceiling is16’
  • Cinematic screen can be used for projection or cyc 12’x16’ fixed 2’ above stage deck  
  • Main Drapes - Red Velour (manual travelers)
  • Cross over behind Screen 5’ deep
  • Backstage SL & SR are small cubicle areas
  • USL staircase to downstairs change rooms and green room
  • Simple Fly boom behind proscenium teaser
  • Trapdoor Centre Stage CS + UC portal (under screen


  • 98 Art Deco (pre-1920) fixed Seats on the main floor
  • 2 Private Loge Boxes with 4 seats each in Mezzanine
  • Supplementary folding chairs (20x)

Lobby and Concession

  • Concession is Open for all events under SOL 
  • Lobby is open daily to sell arts/crafts, CD’s and other merchandise, food
  • The lobby and concession will be open during performances 
  • Washrooms – 2x Ladies’, 1x Men’s (handicapped accessible), unisex

Dance Floor

  • Wooden floor on stage is a Masonite covered sprung floor.  As yet there is no Mylar dance floor

Dressing Rooms

  • 2 Dressing rooms for 3-4 people, each with toilet and shower (one has tub) + makeup tables with sinks, full-width mirrors + vanity lights, costume racks, hair dryers and curling irons 
  • Greenroom, Laundry, and Kitchenette including fridge, microwave, hotplate, small appliances, utensils etc.   
  • Double bunk/sofa + bedding

Lighting System

  • Control
  • ETC Smartfade 24/96 Lighting console
  • 1 x SL 1210A ETC Dimmer (Smartpac) 1.2 kw (Edison)
  • 2 x SL 620C ETC Dimmer (Smartpac) 2.4 kw (Twistlock)
  • Grid: 74x (Edison) circuits on 3 horizontal Lighting Pipes + 2 side booms and12x (Twistlock) circuits on perpendicular SL + SR raceways
  • Includes 4x parallel circuits/side booms and 4 parallel circuits/side on UL and UR off-stage receptacles
  • Conversion Patchords
  • 12+ Male Twistlock to Fe U.G.
  • 6+ U.G. to Fe Twistlock

Instruments etc.

  • 8x ETC Source 4’s with 19 – 50-degree lens selection
  • 2x ETC Par 575w
  • 1 x 2K Fresnel (Strand)
  • 6 x Strand Fresnelites 750 w (with Barn Doors)
  • 1 Follow Spot (1000w)
  • House lights: side sconces on manual dimmer or thru board
  • 2 x Strand Zoom – SL 23/50 and SL 15/32
  • Washes: warm/cool/red/ 2xbreak-ups/black-light + 4x cyc washes: red/blue/green/orange
  • 6x Altman 6” Ellipsoidals
  • 12x (old style) Ellipsoidals (Strand P23/ Profile) 500w
  • 12x (old style) Fresnels (Strand Bubble/Football) 500w,
  • 10 x (old style) Fresnels (Fluted canister-type)500w
  • 6x Lekolite Zoom - 1000 WATTS
  • A variety of Gel colors available, + frosts and silks. Other required colors will be purchased with sufficient lead time.
  • 2x strip of old style footlights (red/white/blue)
  • Gobo Holders, various gobos, irises and cinefoil

Note: Most instruments are in House hang, but can be re-deployed as Specials where required

Other Equipment

  • Assorted Ladders and dollies
  • Extension cords, rope, wire, tape and misc.
  • Well-equipped tool shop and hardware, lumber, pipe, and poly
  • Fog Machine, Hazer, 2 x Mirror Balls and 2x Strobes
  • 4 x Lighting Towers (extend to 12)’
  • Mechanics for (smallish) revolve

Sound Equipment 

  • Yamaha MX 400 mixing console (12 channel)
  • 8 channel 300 watt LDM Mixer Amp
  • 1 x Denon + 1 x 5 disc Sony CD Players
  • 1 x Sony Cassette Player
  • 2 x LDM 850 Watt Speakers
  • Microphones: 6 x SM 58/1 x SM57/2 x Yamaha MZ + 3x UHF Wireless Systems: 1x Lavalier/1x Head-worn/1x Handheld
  • D.I. boxes – 3x Behringer Ultra
  • Monitors (powered): 2 x Behringer Euroline B212A 450w
  • Piano (Upright/older) Keyboard rental with prior notice
  • 2x Stanton S.250 Single Top-loading CD Player (DJ-type)
  • 2x JVC “Boombox” Ghetto-blaster
  • Large selection of XLR & ¼” cords & connectors
  • 5x Music stands, 2x Keyboard stands, 2x Guitar stands
  • 7x Microphone stands (6 with boom)
  • 2x Snakes from stage to booth. 8/4 UR and 10/3 UL
  • Extensive CD collection including range of Sound Effects

Projection and Video

  • EIKI-DLP Projector (EIP-3500) from mid-house + forward mount platform for alternate/additional projection
  • 3500 ANSI Lumen output level
  • the contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Permanently mounted Film Screen 12’x16’
  • Hookup locations from rear tech. booth or on stage
  • DVD, Blu-Ray, and VHS Players + Laptop compatibility
  • Slide Projector (Ektagraphic)
  • Extensive DVD/VHS library of Shakespeare, Musicals, and Classics

Reference Library

  • Assortment of over 1000 Canadian Plays and theatre production materials

Costume and Prop Shop

  • Extensive costume and prop collection stocked with
  • Large Armory collection of Medieval Swords and armor