The Douglas Project

Written by Danette Boucher

First Public Reading, September 8th at 7 pm, 2017

Dramaturge, Nicolle Nattress
Cast: Julia Mackey, Andrew Hamilton, BJ Bailey and James Douglas
Stage Manager: Leigh Robinson

2019 - Further development on script and musical numbers 

Sir James and Lady Amelia Douglas have long been celebrated as the first couple of Colonial era, British Columbia. James Douglas was a high ranking officer for the Hudson’s Bay Company during the fur trade and the first Governor of the Colony of British Columbia during its founding gold rush days, and his wife, Amelia, was his partner for life. For many years James Douglas has been celebrated as the “Father of British Columbia,” but, as our national zeitgeist shifts toward a broader and more diverse version of history, many traditional stories are ripe for re-framing.

Ultimately, the aim of this play about the lives of Sir James and Lady Douglas is to re-frame the narrative of colonial BC from how it has traditionally been represented – as a very male, very European adventure story – to a multifaceted version that embraces and includes the real presence and contributions of diverse peoples of differing genders and belief systems.