“A fascinating script by Danette Boucher … and a charming, DeNiro-esque performance by James Douglas, this is a true story of honour and determination that can’t help but inspire.” **** - MONDAY MAGAZINE

The Fred Wells Show is about a fascinating but little-known true story from BC’s more recent past and the town wherein our theatre resides, Wells. As the gloom of the Great Depression fell like a fog over North America in the 1930s, there was one tiny pocket of prosperity that shone like a beacon of hope. High up in the foothills of British Columbia’s the Cariboo Mountains an introverted yet charismatic prospector named Fred Marshall Wells had a hunch that there might still be gold where the province’s great Gold Rush once boomed in the 1860s. He was right! While the rest of the world struggled simply to survive, the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine erupted into activity. Soon, thousands of people flocked to the area, and the next Cariboo Gold Rush began. Fred Wells saved countless BC families from the ravages of poverty in the “dirty thirties” and today our little town of Wells, BC – 73 kilometres east of Quesnel – survives as his legacy. This is a humorous and dramatic monologue of the innermost thoughts of an industrious “man of few words." 

“That’s the thing about heritage theatre, too. You’re always trying to find the universal in the specific,” said Boucher. “As James and I always say, every small story is part of a bigger story is part of a bigger story."

James Douglas & Danette Boucher

Husband and wife team, James Douglas and Danette Boucher join us in concluding our 12th season here at the Sunset Theatre. Both received training at the University of Victoria at different intervals: Danette received her BFA in 1989 and later her MA in 2011, as James received his BA in English in 2000. 

The Fred Wells Show is written and directed by Danette Boucher with James Douglas cast as Fred Wells. With both being local Wellsian's and Heritage Thespians, Danette and James' perspective on Wells is equally unique and powerful.

With their combined talents, The Fred Wells Show has been a hit from Victoria to Barkerville. 

Both Danette and James are co-owners of the Historic Theatre Company, located here in Wells, BC. As well as spotted at Barkerville, BC-the heritage town next-door to Wells.