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We thought it would be fun to keep track and update people who have performed at the Sunset Theatre.  This was we can congratulate them, celebrate them and follow their journey.  

Our first shout-out goes to - Onalea Gilbertson

Welcome to the Sunset Theatre

A place where people come to play! The Sunset Theatre is dedicated to developing and presenting new Canadian theatre through our Exploration Series of new plays.  In addition, we present theatre and concerts and host a variety of community events.  The Moonrise Film Festival is now entering its 5th year, a celebration of independent and student films.  

Bill Bourne in Concert

April 26 at 8 pm

Tickets and Concert Info

"This dude's plugged into a heavy mainline, his songs coming through him as a steady, soulful charge ... Bourne is about the human kind, and he's damn essential, obviously." - Brad Wheeler - The Globe & Mail

"(Bill Bourne) is Canadian music’s wild mystic who celebrates Eros over Thanatos, creation over destruction, love over hatred, light over darkness." - Robert Reid

"...laced with an electric and youthful Rock & Roll infusion... Bill has collaborated with some remarkably talented musician friends for this new album resulting in a successful synergy of sound."

"Bill Bourne’s musically innovative approach transcends boundaries on this CD. Free Radio Dance Band combines five musicians from vastly diverse musical genres’ into a striking melting pot of talent." - Christine Falk - 'suite 101'

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Congratulations James Douglas and Norm Coyne and all their crew for reaching your fundraiser goals for The Doctor's Movie!!! Exciting times ahead.  

Up Next: Danette Boucher

Kym Gouchie -

November 27-December 4th

Betsy Trumpener -

Highway of Fears: September 2-5

'17' Staged Reading

Written, compared and performed by Morag Northey

Dramaturge by Eugene Stickland

July 14, 17 & 21

Enquire about the Sunset Theatre's Exploration Series of New Play Development. 

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April 1

​CBC's Still Standing with Jonny Harris


​April 26th: 8:00 pm

Bill Bourne

Tickets in advance or at the door

Check back for details.


​May 12 & 13
​Zaryvka Ballet


May 14th

IMA - 40th Anniversary AGM and Fun 

with Tiger Moon and Special Guests

Details to follow. 


May 21
"Giants Among Us-Rick Hansen and the Great White Sturgeon"