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Join us on  Saturday, Dec 2nd at the Sunset Theatre at 8pm for a new play reading by Brendan Bailey 'Anatomy of Love.' Admission is free, concession is open. 

When Ben wakes up at his imaginary 1860's gold claim, a representative of his investors is waiting for him. She's a woman he hasn't spoken to in nearly twenty years. As a friendship rekindles between them, Ben is forced to dig through the layers toward a truth he's been trying to bury... and perhaps find his way home in the process. 

Mature Content. Work in Development. 

Huge thanks to Danette Bee (dramaturge), James Douglas (reading for Ben), Julia Mackey (reading for Leyna), Karen Jeffery, and the Sunset Theatre!

Blood Runs Through My Braids

A new play by Kym Gouchie 

Dramaturge/Director, Michelle Thrush

December 3rd-9th 2017

The concept for ‘Blood Runs Through My Braids’ was inspired by Kym’s recent haircut that took place on a full moon just a few days before she arrived in Wells. With her six-inch freshly cut braid in hand, she set out to explore the many aboriginal cultural teachings 

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A place where people come to play! The Sunset Theatre is dedicated to developing, nurturing, producing and presenting new Canadian theatre.

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Welcome to the Sunset Theatre! Nestled in the hills of the Cariboo mountains, our mandate is to: nurture, develop, produce and present professional theatre through our Exploration, Presentation and Production Series.