Rentals, Retreats and Residencies

Wells boasts a vibrant artistic community that can be drawn upon for support and camaraderie. With limited access to urban centres yet rich with nature and creative spirit, Wells is the perfect place to present and develop creative works. There are a variety of packages available, from renting just the theatre to renting just an apartment for a creative getaway or the combination of both. Right next door to the Good Eats building, the Sunset Theatre is capable of supporting a wide variety of staging/production requirements and an in-house technician will be on hand when required to help make your project come to life. 



Theatre Rentals are available year round and come with a varying degree of services depending on your needs. The theatre is fully equipped. Please see Tech Specs for more information.



Retreats can come with the use of the theatre or not. The length of stay can vary from a few days to as long as possible. Accommodations are located in the Good Eats, which is the blue building next to the theatre. It has a large one bedroom apartment, a large bachelor and a small bachelor with a shared bathroom. All units are self-contained.



Artist residencies are open to all artists and all disciplines and are based on availability. Submissions are taken on an on-going basis and available year-round.